The Mayor (v1.2)

Weekly Game Jam #50 - "Remake a Classic"

This is an entry for the "Remake a Classic" weekly game jam. This game is an updated remake of classic city builder genre games.


  • Left Mouse Click Place object or zone / Bulldoze
  • Right Mouse Drag Move the view around
  • Scroll Wheel Zoom in / Zoom out

How to Play

Instructions are in-game. You will have to use the Surface/Underground button to connect the different types of utilities.

Your population is shown on the top of the screen.

There are limited aspects to what you can build.

You have to make a power generator and substation before people will move into your city.

You can go underground to manage the utilities and pipes.

Residential zones will only grow if they are connected to a road.

And that's it!


Road Tile Pack is public domain by Kenney

Low Poly House Pack is public domain by MrCraft Animation

Low Poly Tree is public domain by PoppyFlower


Developed in c++\WebGL.

Made for the Weekly Game Jam #50.

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