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Made for Github GameOff 2017, Tundra is a throwback to real time strategy games of the mid 90's. Using a variation of PixVoxel Isometric Sprites. Tundra is a game made completely on HTML5 canvas without any other game engine. The game looks better in fullscreen.
To expand, you need to harvest ice and generate power. You can collect more ice with a working harvester and power is increased with more buildings.
Production buildings have a maximum supply of units that they replenish automatically. Each unit will be built until you have reached the limit for that building. If the unit dies, another one can be built to take its place. To increase the total number of units, build more production buildings.
Protect the palace, it is the only structure that can issue new build orders.

Building Cost


Unit Cost


How to play

Start by selecting New Game from the main menu.
In the faction select screen, you can choose a colour and a base upgrade. The upgrade increases the unit cap for this building type. So to make more harvesters, infantry, tanks and copters, you can upgrade the palace, barracks, factory and airport.
When you are done press GO >> in the lower right corner.


Mouse Left - Select

Mouse Right - Pan Camera

[M] - Move selected units

Building Power and Production

Click on the palace, or press space to select it. The palace is your main build structure and also collects resources from the harvesters. Use the [B] key to build a power building.

Move your harvesters to this blue area and they will start harvesting automatically.


When you have power you can build a production facility. Make more of these to continue expanding production.

- Build more production buildings from the palace

- Left click to select units and press [M] to issue a move command

- Units attack automatically

StatusIn development
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 23 MB
Download 1 MB

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