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I liked the tree models. I was also stuck in the bottom right hand corner after I clicked "go fullscreen"

I don't know about that bug... I think it can happen if you go fullscreen before the game has fully loaded.

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It starts feeling impossible to dodge all the enemy shots at the end when the play area is small.  The music is nice but very loud. Other than that it is good and I like the way the trees look. 


I agree with Nogam, the character should really move faster considering there's 100 enemies. The "you died" also stays on the screen after you die.

Should probably also have some sort of actual boundary to the world, since it seems like you can just go off in a direction forever.

I like those tree models though! And the top down perspective.

I have adjusted the speed and reduced the play area (there are borders but it was so large before). The game over screen should work now. Thanks for your feedback!


It's a cool game , maybe if it was more faster it could be really great

I have adjusted the speed so it plays more like intended now.