This game is a strategy game where you have to manage the beehive by collecting resources and expanding.

Your main concern in the hive are bees. Growing and maintaining your bee population is a priority. To keep bees alive they will need to consume one unit of honey each turn. Honey can be made from harvested pollen.

Each turn you need to tell your bees what to do. There are only  a limited set of actions.

Leave the hive to harvest pollen

This is the default action and will result in the bee bringing back one pollen

Dance +1
Bees are known for dancing, and this dance will allow one extra unit of honey to be made from one pollen. That is, one collecting bee and one dancing bee gives two honey.

Dance x2

This dance doubles the amount of honey produced from collected pollen, but only if there are not more bees collecting than the size of the hive. Only applies once per turn.

Build -1

This action will increase the size of the hive. It costs one resource unit to build this addition to the hive. Honey can be turned into wax.

Special Resources

At the beginning of the game you start with some special resources. Royal jelly can feed your bees for a while if you aren't producing enough honey. Wax can be used to build additions to the hive without spending any food resource.

That's it! Use these abilities to build a strong hive.